I am a Certified Fitness Professional, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner, Transformational Nutrition Coach, Plant Based Chef, a mother (most importantly), AND business owner! I have spent many years focusing my passions on helping individuals achieve pain-free and functionally efficient lifestyles.

Should you 'Crunches" your way to a Pain Free Low Back?
Is strengthening your 'core' the answer to low back pain?

Scones Recipes for good nutritional habits
My son has been bugging me for weeks about eating scones. I wanted to try and find an easy recipe that was both gluten free and dairy free. This is what came about with some trial and error. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts on the taste, texture, process, etc.

Blood Results Part 3: Checking for Trends in Your Blood Results
Implementing your results side by side in a spreadsheet is extremely informative when reviewing your healthy history and current state. When you do this you can start to see some 'trends' in your results. Are certain points slowly dropping? Growing? Or how about a significant change? When you do this important question

Blood Results Part 2: Power of Understanding Your Results
In the first parts of this series, I shared with you that your blood chemistry panel can be one of the most poweful tools you can use to launch your healing Journey. The problem..... most of us do not know how to interpret it.

Blood Results Part 1: Interpretting Your Blood Panel
Does his happen to you every year? You go have your blood taken so your doctor can look at your blood to see what is going on inside? Your blood chemistry panel is one of the best tests you can run to understand how your internal environment is doing. BUT do you have any idea on how to read it?

Getting Your Child to Eat Healthier
Want your Child to Make Healthier Choices? Teach your kids to foster a healthy relationship with food by implementing a few of these recommendations that will support innate wisdom for your amazing children!

Step 1 of The 3-Simple Steps to Abundant Health (Goal Setting and Achieving)
etting caught up in the holiday 'hoopla' can be extremely difficult when you are trying to stick with a health goal such as losing weight, reducing stress, or gaining abundant energy! How can we, as health conscious individuals, stay on track when so many other 'things' are pulling us from our focus?

Tired All the Time? 5 Things That Sabotage Your Energy
Do you constantly feel exhausted and drained? Do you wake up tired, struggle through the day, and count the hours until you can crawl in bed at night?

Mini Egg Quiche Recipe
Delicious Recipe for Mini Egg Quiche!