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"I have had chronic pain for 12 years. I was convinced I would have to 'just live with it.' Shana changed my life. I can now get through the day pain-free. She has been a complete blessing for me and my family. My family and I thank you! Now we can just have fun without a grumpy Mommy!"
- Tonya Owens, 28

Abundant Energy Breakthrough

An Abundant Energy Breakthrough Session

Do you struggle with fatigue? Have trouble sleeping? Do you find yourself crashing in the afternoons or find is extremely difficult to get up in the morning? Schedule this FREE 30 mins discovery session to learn a few basic strategies to transform your energy throughout the day.

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Healthy Eating Discovery

Healthy Eating Discovery Session

Are you frustrated with what to eat, how much, calorie counting, which diet is the right diet for you? We are swamped with so much misinformation. Schedule you FREE 30 min session to discover 1 area in which you can shift to eating in a healthier way.

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Curve Your Sugar Cravings

Curve Your Sugar Cravings Discovery Session

Kick those sugar cravings to the curb! Removing sugar from your diet can be difficult. Trying to remove sugar from your diet can be difficult. Use this session to find a simple solution to a difficult shift.

A $99.97 value for FREE!

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Individual Test Review

Individual Test Review

Review specific tests ordered by practitioner and discuss next steps.

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Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body Program

*3 Month Program where we review 4 labs, review results and recommendations using the DRESS for health success program (consists of 6 VIP coaching sessions), and so much more. The comprehensive program that will build the foundation for you to get well and stay well naturally.

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