Food and Fitness For Lunch Program

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November 2018 - 5 spots available

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Are you a busy professional? Do you struggle with what to eat?

You know you need to eat healthy, well-balanced meals in order to perform optimally...


Now I have to build healthy lunches for my kids...pah...hello Hot Pocket.

Do you need direction at the gym because lets face it, your doctor is telling you that you need to workout!

What do you do when you get there? How many times a week do I have to do this?

And....Oh yeah, its lunch time, now what do I eat that is quick but doesn't reverse my workout at the gym?

Sound familiar?

If you relate to this situation, relax, take a deep breath...because the Food and Fitness for Lunch is the program is designed with you in mind. Easy, done for you program, low stress, success....Get the support and accountability you need to GET RESULTS!

This program will provide:

• Exercise program 2-3 workouts/week, designed with your busy and stressful lifestyle in mind

• Easy, Healthy, and Quick Meal Plans done for you so all you have to do is prep!

• 10 Personal Training Sessions (45 mins) and 10 ready to take or eat in house lunches at the end of your workout!

• Accountability and education (in a snap shot) to support your success and keep you accountable.

• and so much more!

Are you ready to add a new level of productivity to your day without additional stress and overwhelm?

October 2018 - SOLD OUT!!

November 2018 - 5 spots available

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