Blood Results Part 2: Power of Understanding Your Results

Blood Results Part 2: Power of Understanding Your Results

Published: November 29th, 2019

Author: Shana Hogg

In the first parts of this series, I shared with you that your blood chemistry panel can be one of the most poweful tools you can use to launch your healing Journey.

The problem..... most of us do not know how to interpret it.

First off, one of the big pieces you need to understand when reviewing your results is knowing the difference between reference ranges and functional lab reference ranges.

Most lab results show you reference ranges. BUT, if you are working with an alternative Health Care practitioner, many times they will use functional lab ranges. If you are not sure which one your provider is using all you have to do is ask!! So, what is the difference?

Great question guys and gals!

So, you go to your doctor and they say that your results are 'normal'. This means that, according to the lab who measured your serum results, you fall within the normal reference ranges THEY have created.

Cool, I am healthy then right?

Well, think for a did the lab come up with this range in the first place?

Most labs generate their ranges by averaging the results from patients they have tested in their lab. Unfortunately, individuals who go to these labs to be tested, are there because they have symptoms or a medical condition of some sorts.

So our so called 'normal' ranges are being built upon a population of unhealthy people? Yup!

Now, functional lab reference ranges control this variable a little more. Most of the time they are using a healthier population to create their ranges. Also, they are often tighter in ranges and on the more preventative side things (you register out of range sooner than regular reference ranges). So, when reviewing your results make sure you compare and contrast your results using functional lab reference ranges. This gives you the power to find 'healing opportunities' BEFORE you fall too far out of range and need to play a HUGE game of medication jeopardy.

Next up: Learning where you could be headed by evaluating trends in your results!