Blood Results Part 1: Interpretting Your Blood Panel

Blood Results Part 1: Interpretting Your Blood Panel

Published: November 22nd, 2019

Author: Shana Hogg

Does his happen to you every year?

You go have your blood taken so your doctor can look at your blood to see what is going on inside?

Your blood chemistry panel is one of the best tests you can run to understand how your internal environment is doing.

BUT do you have any idea on how to read it?

Do you only look at the tagged 'high' or 'low' markers, read the paragraph on what that indicates, and maybe have a meeting with your doctor to discuss what to do NOW that you are OUT OF RANGE?

This is what MOST people are taught to do BUT (i am yelling this but out to you all), I would encourage you to change YOUR experience with powerful panel. Are you open to doing that?

If so, hang in. I am going to be posting more about how and why this panel is so amazing. And, with a little more understanding, you can become an empowered advocate in your own health journey!!!

Thanks crew. Shana-out!