Shana Hogg - CFDN, CPT, CTNC and Plant Based Chef

I am a Certified Fitness Professional, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Transformational Nutrition Coach, Plant Based Chef, a mother (most importantly), AND business owner! I have spent ​many ​years focusing my passions on helping individuals achieve pain-free and functionally efficient lifestyles. My views on developing ​holistic healing programs start with utilizing multiple integrated assessments tools that 'show and tell' dysfunction in the body. With that information, I create individualized programs that help the body get well and stay well naturally. My personalized programs are laser focused on you so can reach your personal health and wellness goals no matter how busy, stressed, or overwhelmed you feel. I will meet you where are you and in a safe and supportive way, get the health and wellness you desire!

I look forward to aiding you in your healing journey.​​

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"Undertaking a custom designed fitness program with Shana to improve my general health worked for me to a greater extent than I would have hoped for and I will continue it with her for the long haul"

- Jeff

Shana Hogg Health Coach