The 30 Day Optimal Health Day Challenge!

Recognize and Course Correct 10 Unknown Stressors to Optimize Your Health Journey!

1. Learn the difference between Sleepiness and Fatigue: Which is causing that afternoon lull?

2.Diet: The power of what is at the end of your fork!

3. Reduce Inflammation: A 10 Day Sugar Detox

4. Support Phase II Detoxification Pathways: Reduce Toxicity in your body!

5. Simple Meditation Strategies that support your Busy Life (Don't let limited time and know-how keep you from this amazing stress reliever!)

6. Get Your Cells In Shape: Thinking differently about exercise and movement!

7. H20 Gives you the GO: Enough said!

8. Find Balance in Life! The Better You, The Better Everyone Around You.

9. Vitamin Dirt: Make Germs Your Friend instead of your Enemy!

10. Developing an Attitude for Gratitude!

Starts: Monday, June 10th, 2019

Get the accountability, knowledge, and tools you need to achieve LONG TERM health, energy, and vitality you desire!

Cost: $149.95

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