I get it folks. Pain sucks the ever loving life out of you. Sometimes it effects your sleep. Sometimes it effects your energy at work (hello afternoon crash). It often draws your focus away from a "I got so much done today I nailed it" to a "I will get that done later" mentality, which leads to crushing overwhelm because you are so behind. It also takes the joy out experiencing your physical hobbies like skiing, hiking, climbing, and traveling. And face it, you work hard, so you must play hard stay sane.

Does this sound familiar?

I have been there.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My body hurt, my brain hurt, I was taking constant naps (every afternoon), my hair was falling out, and my low libido was affecting my new marriage. I was missing client meetings from brain fog. I was fired from a new business opportunity because I couldn't keep up with the demand. I was constantly overwhelmed and stressed out despite eating right and exercising daily. That was what I was told to do, what I was educated to do, only it didn't work. Eating right and exercising regularly wasn't the only healing strategy I needed. My issue was deeper and work and life stress was what put me there. It was time to change what I was doing and finally get results.

Now I am on the other side, skiing down mountains, hiking up said mountains, building my own legacy, and loving to help others do the same.

You ready? Then let's fix your shit!

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Bozeman Mt Pain Free Instruction Classes Improve Your Health

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Classes are live Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00am MST. Each month has a specific focus for alignment in the body. This repetition and focus helps create muscle, nervous system, and soft tissue education to create a more efficient and pain free body.

Monthly membership includes:
• 1-15 mins consultation (with instructor)
• 3-live classes/week
• Access to recording to use if you are unable to meet live
• Access to recorded strength program to build your entire system for optimal strength.

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Personal Training

"Shana is a gifted health care practitioner with a keen understanding of the body. I have worked with Shana for 3 years as a participant in her Fit From Within Class, and as a client one-on-one. Her knowledge of the body is profound. She has helped me eliminate chronic pain by assessing its source and providing routines for strengthening as well as manual manipulation to correct my inner alignment. Her focus on alignment is what makes her approach unique and, for me, highly effective. Shana is passionate about her work and about helping others; she is a self-motivated learner and she continues to educate herself. She is my #1 resource when I have an injury or any painful condition in my body. I have recommended her to friends, one of whom called her from Hawaii when she dislocated a disc and received helpful emergency advice. I would recommend her to anyone."


Personal Training

Certified Health Coach

Certified Health Coach and FDN Practicioner

I will show you an easy way to bring more nutrient dense foods to your meals!

"I have worked with Shana on a serious HPA Axis Dysfunction issue. She was incredibly professional in assisting me and extremely knowledgeable about this health complaint. Shana is incredibly helpful and provided useful solutions to improve my health. I have and will continue to seek her advice. I would highly recommend her services!"


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